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Tenga Egg Variety Carton - 6 Textures



(Check below for the Unboxing Video!)


This little beauty is stretchy and fits all sizes. Simply unwrap, add the enclosed pouch of lube and indulge yourself in knee-trembling sensations with the super-tactile sleeves. Perfect travel toy - pop is in your pocket and enjoy the ultimate ready-to-go-right-now orgasm. 53x53x70mm.

While it is recommended the Eggs be used only once and disposed of, if they are properly used and cared for they can actually be used multiple times! The first step is to use a water-based lube. After use, rinse the egg thoroughly inside and out with warm water and a very small amount of toy cleaner. Air dry.

The Tenga Spider Egg's detailed web structure covers, all over the inner wall and its edges run in all directions to give vivid stimulations. The evenly surfaced convex and concave wall provides an extra adherence and it surrounds 360 degrees for a multi-directional sensation. 

The Tenga Silky Egg - Randomly twined delicate ribs create smooth sensations on Tenga's Silky Egg. The fine details gently embrace you like silk. A melting sensation wells up slowly.

The Tenga Stepper Egg's directional details facing upwards and downwards, in tandem with the stroke movement, produces bi-directional stimulations. Shell shaped wedges give refreshing sensations.

The Tenga Twister Egg's elastic swirl patterns squeeze you as it stretches and shrinks. In addition to the stroke action, try twisting. It twists around and gives you unparalleled sensations.

The Tenga Clicker Egg - Just like the waves of the mother ocean keep to arriving the shores, the Tenga Clicker Egg deliver continuous ecstatic sensations.

The Tenga Wavy Egg - Just like the waves of the mother ocean keep to arriving the shores, multiple layers of ribs on the Tenga Wavy Egg deliver continuous ecstatic sensations. When large and soft edges of the ribs travel over the head and the shaft, it creates remarkable trembling stimulations. 

Tenga Lovers Egg - A twisting series of intense ridges make for a wild ride!




Check out the Unboxing of the Tenga Eggs (featuring the Strap-On-Me Silicone Bendable Dildo and Packer Gear Jock Strap) courtesy of MissPrincessKayYou can catch more of her here: https://missprincesskay.com


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