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Zero Tolerance Three Amigos

SKU: ELZE-CR-3312-2


Three rings in one set means you can experiment with finding the perfect fit, or use the size that suits your mood - mellow or more sensually daring! Slide the ring to the base of the shaft to experience harder, longer lasting erections and let the pleasure beads gently massage you for added erotic stimulation. Features 3 beaded cock rings for longer lasting, harder erections. Beads in each ring add unique pleasure. Material: TPE 3 sizes included to suit your play time. Small ring length 1.23 inches, depth .34 inch, width 1.23 inches. Medium ring length 1.33 inches, depth .34 inch, width 1.33 inches. Large ring length 1.48 inches, depth .37 inch, width 1.48 inches. 5 year warranty.
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