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Beginner Basics

Beginner Basics Wand Vibrating Massager
The perfect category of toy for beginners with a clit. Period. Only used externally and simple to use, this multi-speed wand is perfect for those new to playing with their body or someone else's body. It is a body massager so when all is said and done you can get...
Beginner Basics Clit Stimulator - Discreet
For those looking for a more discreet start to there journey, this is a smaller, non-penetrative pleasure product. Chosen to be used externally on your clit (as the title suggest) it is also easy to bring it to your nipples or any of your partner's pleasure points. Most of the beginner benefits...
Beginner Basics Vibrator
The perfect vibrator for those curious about penetrative or vibrating toys. I can not guarantee you won't get hooked! Not good for anal, we have a different Beginner Basics for that. Slim and Smooth Non-Intimidating Not shaped like a penis Body safe materials Battery operated   Our Slightly Legal Toys Beginner...
Beginner Basics Rabbit Vibrator
Jack Rabbit, Dual Action . . . G-spot/Clitoris Wambo Combo? . . . . . It goes by many names but I call it a rabbit vibrator (because I like bunnies). Here is your introduction to simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation. For those who are not timid about their first pleasure...
Beginner Basics Pressure Wave Stimulator
Pressure, pulse, air, suction, waves or whatever you call it, this is your fast track to the pleasure industry's newest technology popularized by the Womanizer and Satisfyer brand of toys. Investigate contact-less stimulation to reach orgasm in reportedly record time! Simply place the opening over your clitoris so that it...
Beginner Basics Kegel Balls
Fun Fact: Most people use the terms "kegal balls" and "ben wa balls" interchangeably, but they are different. Ben wa balls refer to individual solid balls while kegal balls are usually connected and have smaller weighs inside them that rattle around like jingle bells. Oh My! What are kegels or kegel...
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