FAQ – Slightly Legal Toys


Will anyone know what I'm getting?

No. All of your orders are shipped discreetly in a boring brown box. Smaller items may be shipped in a bubble mailer (large padded shipping envelope) that is discreet all the same.

I don't know what to choose.

That is absolutely fine! You see that purple circle at the bottom of the page? That is an Anonymous Live Chat widget that appears on every single page in the store! When we are online you can simply type and question or describe your situation and a nice sexually educated person will answer you. Like magic! If we are offline the widget can be used to send us a message and someone will email you back ASAP.

When will my order arrive?

You can choose from multiple shipping speeds at checkout. After you place your order you will receive a notification via your chosen method (email and/or text) in 1 - 2 business days with the tracking number. Please note that the shipping speed you choose starts after we ship and does not include our processing time of max 1 business day.

Can I cancel my order?

We try to ship your order out as fast as possible. If you contact us soon enough we may be able to cancel your order before it is shipped and issue you a full refund. It would be helpful if you include your reason for cancelation so that we can speed through troubleshooting steps. If your package has already been shipped you still have a few options. If the package is already shipped you can refuse the package in two different ways. You refuse the package by simply saying something like "the owner doesn't live at this location anymore please send it back." Option one is to refuse the package from the delivery person. If you miss the delivery person the second option is to take the unopened package to a shipping carrier location and and refuse the package. Either way if we receive back an unopened package we will issue you a full refund.

How do I start a return?

We can not offer a return on most products if they are used. If you notice a malfunction with the product before you use it as it's intended please email us. We will try to offer all the help we can and start the return process.

What is the best sex toy for beginners?

That depends on the genitals and scenario we're talking about. Here are my fast tips: 

  • If you have a pussy I recommend massager Wands as the easiest toy to use. Plus, they are very versatile as they don't require penetration, can be easily used with any partner and look like a normal back massager!

  • If you have a dick I recommend a masturbator/stroker. They come in non-realistic and realistic shapes including multiple skin tones to choose from.

  • Couples of all descriptions: I already mentioned that massager wands are the easiest for couples to use to stimulate a clit. To stimulate a dick I recommend Cock Rings for beginners. Simply wearing cock rings makes all forms of play feel good, from blowjobs to handjobs to intercourse. You can opt for a vibrating cock ring to stimulate both a dick and pussy during intercourse.

  • Honorable mentions go to our Foreplay section which usually has the answers to many beginner questions.

Does being plus sized effect the sex toys I can use?

Not really. When I get this question I respond with my same recommendations I use for all beginners. A wand vibrator is your best friend.

What do I get with Beginner Basics?

Your order of a Beginner Basics product will include an affordable product from the type you picked. It's retail price will be 50 - 100% higher than what you paid. The product will be a good low level example for you to try out. We recommend using the Beginner Basic to learn what your body likes and use that information to inform your purchase of more premium upgrades. If you have no Idea what I am even talking about I recommend going to the product description of any Beginner Basics and reading about the whole service.

Should I stick it in his ass?

Yes, you are allowed and encouraged to stick it in his ass.