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Product Standards

Only the Best Materials

On all of our insertable toys are made silicone, glass, ABS plastic, stainless steel or aluminium. If you are coming from a different store you might have noticed that most other insertable toys are made of TPR/TPE, PVC, rubber, a material called jelly, and realistic feeling skin (Ultraskyn, Cyberskin, Fanta Flesh, etc.). We do not carry these materials, even when they are labled "body safe" because they are porous. This means that bacteria can find a home in their pores and they can not be 100% sterilized by boiling or antibacterial toy cleaner. Continued use of these toys reintroduces bacteria into your body. The materials we carry (reminder: silicone, glass, ABS plastic, stainless steel or aluminium) are body safe and nonporous which means they can be 1000% sterilized with toy cleaner or boiling non electrical toys (please don't dunk your vibrator in boiling water). All of the science aside, without looking it up, can you tell me what TPE or PVC is? Than you probably shouldn't put it inside your body.  

Note: A product description can say something like "nonporous TPR." That is impossible. That is like saying a "hard sponge". Well is it "hard" or is it a "sponge"? We also don't carry TPR/silicone blends that are intended to penetrate your body. We also don't carry nylon strings that go inside of the body where a good silicone cord will do.

But Slightly Legal Toys, . . . 

But Slightly Legal Toys, I've seen through your LIES! I have found these so called porous materials all over the store. These materials are used everywhere for a reason. They are soft and affordable. Within this store you will find TPE, realistic skin, etc, products that are made for external use only, like masturbators, cock rings, and wands. 

But Slightly Legal Toys, that PVC cock looks delicious. I know it does. If you absolutely must use a product that is made of a material we don't carry, I recommend putting a polyurethane condom on it. Latex condoms don't do anything in the way of stopping the transfer of bacteria so it has to be polyurethane, which we sell for exactly that purpose. If there is something you really like that is made of porous materials, message us. We'll help you find the best alternative.

But Slightly Legal Toys, your fancy-mancy materials are expensive. I'll just go on Amazon. Don't buy sex toys from Amazon or eBay. It's the wild west out there. I can at least say other reputable retailers don't sell toys with phallthaats and other toxins. I can't say the same on eBay or Amazon. Fakes and replicas of brand names can be found on Amazon and eBay. You can shop at any different store, I won't cry (that much), but don't shop on eBay or Amazon for your adult toys. I hear SheVibe is cool.

On the topic of price, we've partnered with Klarna to offer you flexible payment options. Also, you can catch a sale and there are a million and a half ways to find a discount code to Try typing in "MaterialGuide" at checkout. See, I told you so.

Only the Best Packaging

A quick point about product packaging. We try not carry any products with stupid packaging. You've seen it before, the product boxes with pornstar looking people on them with their mouths wide open and legs spread wide. The packaging doesn't really effect the item inside BUT buying a sex toy doesn't magically turn you into a pornstar. That takes hard work.

No matter what's on the inside, or delivery packaging is always a discreet, unlabeled brown or USPS box.