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Beginner Basics Wand Vibrating Massager


The perfect category of toy for beginners with a clit. Period. Only used externally and simple to use, this multi-speed wand is perfect for those new to playing with their body or someone else's body. It is a body massager so when all is said and done you can get working on your lower back. Also, don't sleep on how great of a couple's toy this is, during foreplay or sex. I can not guarantee you won't get addicted!

  • Soft head
  • Body safe materials


Our Slightly Legal Toys Beginner Basics selection was made to answer one of the most common questions we receive: Which one should I choose? We've taken that hassle out of shopping and have chosen the best pleasure products to introduce you to new categories. This selection is not just for beginners, but for those who want to try a different category of pleasure product with very low risk. We've tried to remove every barrier possible from you entering the world of sexual enhancement, from choice to price. The products are priced as low as we can possibly go without going bankrupt. Rest assured you are getting a product valued way more than the price you pay.

Hope you like a good mystery! Each Beginner Basics product is actually a pool of great products we choose from for a slightly different experience for everyone. If you get one for yourself and your friend you might receive two different products! We've tried to add a little fun to your experimentation, so please leave any feedback you have about this feature, the set-up, or how we can improve it by contacting us.

This is just a nibble of what wand massagers have to offer. These are just the basics. It's only up from here!


Customer Reviews

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Amazing price for a great product

I’ve wanted to try a vibrator wand for a while, but they’re always so expensive. So it was great to see this mystery deal! I really like the wand I got, and I wouldn’t have tried it without this lower-risk option. Absolutely recommend for anyone who’s wanted to try a wand.

Note that most vibrator wands seem to have fairly powerful vibrations even on the lowest setting, but for me it isn’t too overwhelming. Also, my wand is fairly loud. My understanding is that most wands are generally pretty loud, so I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with roommates or thin walls.

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