Covid-19 Response – Slightly Legal Toys

Covid-19 Response

Here is what has changed around here due to the Coronavirus / Covid-19.

Shipping times are longer and your favorites may be out of stock. Our warehouse is operating at 50% capacity while following all safety guidelines such as staggered work shifts. So far this is causing a back up of orders that may add 1 - 2 days to your shipping time. We are also experiencing supply chain problems which result in certain brands being out of stock for longer than usual.


We've added many "normal" essentials to our category: "Bed & Bath & Body"  including body lotion, shower gel, feminine wash, shampoo and more. Items like these are not part of our usual inventory but will remain for the foreseeable future. We hope this can help those who are sheltered-in-place, facing empty shelves or lines at stores, or want to keep away from heavily trafficed areas. The all natural and pH balanced products continue are high standards so go check them out.


A percentage of your order was always donated to charity and that hasn't changed but the charities have changed. Now a percentage of all orders will be donated to Direct Relief, Feeding America, and the American Nurses Foundation. We believe these vetted charities have the best impact on the people most effected by the pandemic.

Through all of this we've still managed introduced something new. Now a portion of every goes toward planting trees to offset the carbon dioxide produced by shipping that order. So your orders may come a little later than usual but now you can add a couple essentials to your carbon neutral order.


Here at Slightly Legal Toys we try not to be cliché and spare you all the "In these trying times . . . new normal . . ." fluff. We will get through this.