18+ Content Warning – Slightly Legal Toys

18+ Content Warning

You're over 18 years old right? If you click the link below you will be led to our PornHub.com review playlist. The reviews range from might as well be posted on YouTube, to fully naked usage of sex toys. You can watch the talented adult content creators unbox, use and share their honest opinions on products we sent them. We went down this route (against many warnings) because we believe the visual is the most important part of learning. Can you imagine a YouTube tutorial or review where they weren't allowed to show the product being used? They are great reviews, I'm just warning you. And adult content creators ARE "real woman" and "real couples" so I don't want to hear any judgment from you! You can now proceed: (make sure you're alone and you might want to copy and paste the link into an incognito/private window if you know what I mean)